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Add and Remove Email Addresses from your Spam Email List

Niall Jackson – Client Care Engineer

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Handling the massive amounts of emails that are sent around can seem like a real challenge sometimes.

Often many of these emails are unnecessary, annoying or even quite dangerous.

Being able to manage your blocked sender's list can ensure that you're able to control the flow of emails from specific accounts and quickly block any emails you would rather not receive.

Settings Menu

Go to the ribbon at the top of the application and under the delete category, you will see junk options

Click on junk, and then junk email options and this will open up a new window.

Automatic Filtering

You will notice on this screen there are some options for junk email detection. It can automatically filter emails and move suspected junk items to the junk email folder.

You can even set your emails to only come through from your safe sender's list, which means only the safe senders you specify will be able to send emails to your inbox.

On the next tab, we have safe senders. Adding email addresses here means that any emails from these accounts will never be filtered into your junk items folder.

You can also choose, at the bottom, that only your safe sender's emails will be delivered to your inbox.

Safe Senders List

Lets add an email address to a Safe Senders list.

We're going to click Add and then we are going to specify a direct address of an email, eg. [email protected]

You might prefer to specify a domain of a company or receive email from eg., so any emails from this domain address will be a safe sender.

To remove these email addresses, we can highlight the address and click remove.

Blocked Senders List

Next, we want to take a look at the blocked sender's list.

This works in exactly the same way as the Safe Senders list.

We can add emails that we would like to block emails from any addresses or domains that we add to.

This list will be automatically filtered into a junk email folder.

Once we've made our changes, we can click apply at the bottom.

Block Specific Emails

When you're sent junk email, right-click, go to junk and click block sender.

This automatically adds the sender of email to your blocked senders list, and the email in question will be sent to your junk folder.

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