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15 IT Support Services

All MSPs Should Provide

IT Support is an important part of keeping businesses running in our digital landscape. If you’ve not experienced using IT Support services, here are the 15 most common services that IT support companies offer to businesses like yours.

Managed IT Services and Support

1) Outsourcing the maintenance of your IT infrastructure and services is a crucial way for businesses to cut down costs. Furthermore, their knowledge will be able to maximise your business's technical efficiency.

2) In the event of a fault, IT Support firms can provide helpdesk support to your employees. Through remote access solutions, technicians can even resolve issues without any input from the user.


3) IT Support firms are experts in selecting and installing computer hardware. If your business is due a device refresh, IT technicians know what systems are of great value as well as future proof.

4) When it comes to installing these systems, IT Support firms are the experts. They can set these computers up and install all the necessary drivers and software required for your business.

5) In the event there are any hardware failures, IT Support services can handle the repair process. First, they identify the fault using their specialist diagnostics tools, order new parts if needed and install them. It’s the best way to get your system back up and running.


6) Setting up a secure network is difficult and time-consuming. IT Support services can:

  • Select the right network components
  • Install the cabling and infrastructure needed
  • Get you online in no time.

7) IT Support can maintain your network. They will periodically scan for faults and network interference to increase network speeds.

8) IT engineers can also configure network access permissions to improve network security.


More and more businesses have turned towards home working and online collaboration. Because of this, IT Support services have stepped up their provision of cloud services.

9) Technicians can configure remote access for your employees to access their files from home.

10) IT Support can introduce and set up remote collaboration tools like Microsoft SharePoint. This allows your employees to work collaboratively from separate locations.

11) Cloud storage provides geographical redundancy for your data in the event of a disaster. It also allows your employees to access their work files from anywhere in the world.

12) Cloud computing can allow employees to harness the power of systems in the office or at third-party data centres. This allows them to carry out work tasks from the comfort of their own homes.

Data Security

13) To avoid costly data loss, IT Support services can set up regular backup routines to keep your company’s data and customer information safe. Adding in cloud storage can also make sure the data is safe even if there is, for example, a fire at your office.

14) To keep your data safe from cyber-attacks, IT Support providers can conduct risk assessments. This allows them to assess the possible threats to your business. Engineers can, in response, set up advanced firewalls. In addition, they can also block suspicious IP addresses and install robust anti-malware software.

15) Finally, your employees have a role to play in keeping your business safe. Engineers can provide cybersecurity awareness training to businesses. These are designed to help employees spot fake sites, security risks, phishing emails and more.

These are just some of the many services IT support providers should offer.

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