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Outsourcing IT Support is one of the best ways to ensure reliable IT help when you need it, whilst cutting costs. However, transitioning away from in-house IT staff is a huge decision. Business owners will need to weigh up the pros and cons of working with an outsourced IT Support firm.

This article will make that process simple by setting out the most notable advantages and drawbacks to opting for dedicated IT Support firms. This will allow you to come to an informed decision about the future of your business’s IT deployment.


1) Cost-Effectiveness

There are huge hidden costs when employing an in-house team. This is because, it’s costly to invest in the necessary tools and equipment IT support needs. By paying for only the services you need, you forgo those fixed costs, whilst also ensuring the engineers you work with are fully qualified and experts in the field.

2) Easy to Scale

As your business grows, you’ll inevitably need more help from IT to keep systems running smoothly. IT support firms make sure your tech isn’t holding back business growth. Engineers can help you install more systems and handle larger digital workloads. IT Support firms are used to dealing with companies and can easily handle your growth.

3) Reduced Operational Downtime

By using experts– who can use the most up to date methods and remote access to solve issues – you can get systems back up and running as quick as ever. This improves productivity by keeping your employees online and ready to go.

4) Allows you to refocus business efforts

By offloading the responsibilities of handling computer systems to IT support, you can focus on running the business without having to worry about IT. Tech-savvy employees will now have more time to do their job, rather than having to spend more time fixing tech issues.

Even in-house technical support departments will need your oversight and management, reducing the time and effort you can put into growing your business. IT Support firms are ready at a moment’s notice to fix problems. Helpdesks mean employees can get help without having to bug line managers.

5) Recommendations for new technologies

IT Support engineers can advise you on emerging technology and new ways for your business to improve your digital deployment. Outsourced IT firms know what works for hundreds of businesses and have the knowhow to help you improve your business operations.


1) Letting staff go

If you have a pre-existing IT support department, it can be quite difficult to dismantle that in favour of outsourcing. If alternative employment for your technicians can’t be found, the redundancy process may be messy and expensive. This could potentially offset the benefits of outsourcing if not handled correctly.

However, IT Support MSPs are happy to work alongside your internal team. This will give your on-site team more time to fix issues that can’t be done remotely, whilst the outsourced helpdesk deals with remote issues.

2) Potentially longer response time

The significance of this con depends on the quality of the IT Support provider. If you opt for good IT Support, you should see your response times decrease. Especially if your pre-existing in-house department is overstretched. But some busy IT support firms may have queues on the helplines or long waits for sending out a technician. Mitigating this involves reading up on the service providers you shortlist.

3) Lack of control and internal familiarity

By using a service provider, you no longer have full control over the objectives of the department. It may be harder to implement business plans with outsourced firms. Also, employees may dislike an outsourced helpdesk. This is because they will be asking for help from strangers, instead of co-workers they are more familiar with.

4) Changeover Period

It will take some time to implement the necessary tools and permissions for IT Support firms to deliver efficient service, and so operational downtime and response times may worsen in the short term once changing over. Although, once the IT Support company gets to know your business, any issues can be quickly fixed.

5) Issues with Data Protection

Whilst most IT Support companies are experts in data protection law and handling personal information, there’s no avoiding the fact that they are a third party. There will always be risks with working with another organisation that has access to your company’s data, and firms handling sensitive information may be able to stomach the added cost of in-house IT. But the added cybersecurity knowhow of IT Support firms may make up for the extra risk of data breaches.

What do you think? Do the pros outweigh the potential cons?

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